Jelen blog a mindenféle böngészéseim linkjeit tartalmazza,
melyek  általában Linux, Cisco vagy valamilyen hálózatokkal
kapcsolatos linkek. Használd egészséggel, nekem jól jön!

Ha üzenni szeretnél, itt megteheted.
This blog contains my web surfing’s link results what are
usualy about Linux, Cisco or something networking.
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  1. Jan Vejling says:

    I am trying to emulate ftp using iperf, but i am very much in doubt how to interpret the results. What does it mean that Iperf says
    Read lengths occurring in more than 5% of reads:
    8192 bytes read 59943 times (99.3%)

    Is there a manual somewhere teaching Iperf in details, and how to interpret output.
    Thanks a lot for good info!
    /Jan – Denmark

    • crok says:

      Hi Jan,

      please paste the output here, I will try to explain it to you! There is no clear manual.. you should know how TCP works. But if you need it I can put together some good links/books I read about iPerf and TCP.

      — Norbert

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