VI Cheat Sheet


   ^        ESC: escape from edit
<- | | ->        to command mode
 H J K L

i insert in place of cursor
a append after cursor
A append end of line
o new line below cursor
O new line above cursor
x del single char on cursor
X del backwards a char (backspace)
3x del 3 chars forward
dw del word
3dw del 3 words
dd del current line
3dd del 3 lines (inc. current)
dG del up to start of file
d1G del down to end of file
"x2dd del 2 lines to name "x"
cc rewrite whole line
C rewrite to end of the line 
:r <file> inser file under current line
f forward a char
F backward a char
w next word
b start of word
e end of word
( back a sentence
) forward a sentence
% move to matching bracket
0 move to start of line
$ move to end of line
H move to start of screen
M move to middle of screen
L move to end of screen
G move to end of file
1G move to start of file
nG move to line
:/pattern/d Find line cont. pattern & del 
Ctrl+g show line number
Ctrl+f scroll forward a page
Ctrl+b scroll backward a page
Search and replace:
/ search forward
? search backward
n go to next match
N go to prev. match
 g:whole line, c:confirm, &:repeat last
:%s/from_pattern/to_string/ whole file
y yank (copy)
Y yank (copy) line (or yy)
y$ yank to end of line
y0 yank to start of line
y/swordfish yank to word swordfish
yfg yank to char g
5,10y yank from line 5 to 10
"xy3w yank 3 words from cursor to name "x"
"xy3f yank 3 chars from cursor to name "x"
:/dog/,/cat/d Find line cont. "dog" and
 delete until line containing "cat"
:.,/foo/d Delete from current line to line
 containing "foo" 
p paste after cursor
P paste before cursor
"xp paste clipboard x after cursor
u undo last change
U undo changes to line
J join lines
nJ join next n lines
. repeat last command
:q quit (if there were no changes)
:q! quit without changes
:w save
:wq save and wuit
:set ic = ignore case
:set noic = case sensitive
:set nu set line numbers
:set nonu unset line numbers

linkek — NetCat


linkek — How to connect to wireless AP via CLI

More or less the same: a nutshell:
1.  wpa_passphrase <access_point_SSID>  =>  gives you the coded passphrase
2.  Copy the coded passphrase to /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, like this:
(config file can be anywhere, name can be anything)
#psk=<output of    wpa_passphrase <access_point_SSID>>
3.   Enable WLAN interface with    ifconfig <wlan_interface> up
+   You can search for available APs with    iwlist <wlan_interface> scanning | grep -i essid
4.  Configure the interface to use a specific SSID with   iwconfig <wlan_interface> essid <access_point_SSID>
5.  Start WPA authentication with    wpa_supplicant -i<interface> -c <config_file>
6.  Assign an IP with this interface or use DHCP (ddclient <interface>), set routing if necessary

You can now use your connection!

linkek — GMail in terminal

GMail in ALPine:
GMail in Mutt:

linkek — mindmappers, timetracker, PDF reader, multimedia converter

Compendium  —
Freemind  —

Lightweight time tracker  —

PDF reader  —

Hypervideo Converter  —

linkek — Google translate from command line

The link contains the script (php). I made there aliases in   .bashrc

alias trenhu=’translate en hu ‘

alias trhuen=’translate hu en ‘

alias trdehu=’translate de hu ‘

alias trhude=’translate hu de ‘

..and so forth