linkek — How to connect to wireless AP via CLI

More or less the same: a nutshell:
1.  wpa_passphrase <access_point_SSID>  =>  gives you the coded passphrase
2.  Copy the coded passphrase to /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, like this:
(config file can be anywhere, name can be anything)
#psk=<output of    wpa_passphrase <access_point_SSID>>
3.   Enable WLAN interface with    ifconfig <wlan_interface> up
+   You can search for available APs with    iwlist <wlan_interface> scanning | grep -i essid
4.  Configure the interface to use a specific SSID with   iwconfig <wlan_interface> essid <access_point_SSID>
5.  Start WPA authentication with    wpa_supplicant -i<interface> -c <config_file>
6.  Assign an IP with this interface or use DHCP (ddclient <interface>), set routing if necessary

You can now use your connection!

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