Add Microcore linux host to GNS3

o Download the image linux-microcore-4.0.2-clean.img from
o Start the image, we have to install some applications:
 qemu -name QEMU -m 256 -serial telnet:,server,nowait -no-acpi linux-microcore-4.0.2-clean.img
o Telnet to the host’s console – username root / password root – sudo su -> get root
 telnet 3000 or use putty
o Install some applications to the host (iPerf, freeradius, lighttpd, proftpd, ntpd… not as root, not in “sudo su”):
 tc@box:~$ tce-load -iw bwmon cifs-utils d-itg dhcpcd e2fsprogs elinks freeradius freeradius-dev freeradius-doc htop iperf iptraf jed less lighttpd net-snmp net-tools netperf nmap ntop ntpclient proftpd rsync screen sed sftp-server tcpdump tmux vim wget bridge-utils openssh
o Add the host to GNS3 – Edit -> Preferences -> QEMU -> QEMU host -> Name the host, browse the image, RAM 128M, NICs 2 (or whatever you choose), NIC model e1000, Qemu options: -no-acpi -> Save

o Add the host to GNS3 working area, connect the links to the routers/hosts and start the network:
 Configure hostname, eth interfaces and add default route like this:
 sudo su
 hostname Qemu1
 ifconfig eth0 netmask up
 route add default gw

Now you have a fully functional linux host in GNS3 with iPerf, SSH etc..

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